Sunday, September 03, 2006

EDM #29 - Draw something architectural or anything else.

How about a bridge? Today my husband and I rode our motorcycles to a local state park and found a nice quiet picnic table across this bridge where we sat down to sketch.

We had been silently sketching away for less than 10 minutes when this group of people wandered over and stood right in the middle of the bridge to visit. It struck us as very funny and we laughed as we tried to get looks at parts of the bridge while they stayed put, very much enjoying their time together. We enjoyed it too -- twisted perspective and all.

A photo of the bridge with all the people is here:


Jana Bouc said...

What a lovely drawing! The perspective looks fine to me. It's nice that you posted the photo too. I have to say I like your drawing a lot more. I pictured being in the redwood forest where it's very quiet and peaceful and serene and solitary. Then I looked at the photo and it looks like a tourist convention in the park. Nice work!

kuriyama said...

The whirling composition is interesting.
I imaged "Circulation".

Linda said...

This is a really wonderful drawing! I think that arch would be tricky to do, but you made it look easy!

Janet said...

Really nice drawing; good perspective!